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Sorry Isn’t Good Enough

Pacific Fertility Center Lawsuit

Thousands of Embryos Compromised


Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco, CA has notified over 400 fertility patients and their families that thousands of stored frozen eggs and embryos may have been damaged or destroyed when there was a problem with the liquid nitrogen in one of its storage tanks. According to Dr. Carl Herbert, the fertility clinic’s president.

The nitrogen level in one tank fell very low.

Dr. Herbert admitted that anger is a big part of the phone calls with the fertility clinic’s patients. Dr. Herbert was left saying, “what are the next steps?” Although we can never make these families whole again, Peiffer Wolf is fighting for patients to get them answers and maximum compensation. We’ll continue to fight to for these families so events like this never happen again.


Pacific Fertility Center Lawsuit

Pacific Fertility Center


Pacific Fertility Center is located in San Francisco’s North Beach region and has been offering the following reproductive services: Ovulation Induction, Intrauterine Insemination, Tubal Sterilization Reversal, In Vitro Fertilization (“IVF”), Fertility Preservation, Sperm Banking, and Egg Freezing. Pacific Fertility Center’s website states the following Mission Statement: “As a unified team, guided by the highest ethical standards, we provide our patients with the best quality, individualized, compassionate fertility care.”


This is not the case for more than 400 families. Pacific Fertility Center promised to safeguard and protect these frozen embryos and eggs, vouching to provide “the best quality, individualized, compassionate fertility care.” Families chose Pacific Fertility Center for an opportunity to raise their own children. Despite Pacific’s agreement to maintain this position of extreme trust and fidelity, they Recklessly or Negligently Compromised over 1000 Embryos.


Pacific Fertility Center Lawsuit

Damaged Embryos: Sorry Isn’t Good Enough


It wasn’t until the news stories started to break that Pacific Fertility Center addressed the issues with their storage tank. We feel that this is completely unacceptable.  Pacific Fertility Center’s statement said it had brought in independent experts to conduct a full investigation and was reaching out to its patients: “We are truly sorry this happened and for the anxiety that this will surely cause.” However, families and the attorneys at Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane Conway & Wise don’t think “sorry” is good enough.


Although Pacific Fertility Center claims to be investigating the storage tank failures, the attorneys at Peiffer Wolf will be conducting our own investigation on behalf of all of the families impacted by this tragedy. We are committed to getting answers for these families and making sure the proper parties are held accountable. Moreover, we are going to fight to make sure that this never happens again.



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Hundreds of Patients' Embryos were Compromised.

Attorney Adam Wolf said: “Keep in mind that these families have entrusted their most valuable property in the entire world – their frozen embryos – to these facilities and clinics. We want to make sure that these devastating tragedies never happen again.”

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