UH Fertility Clinic Embryo Crisis News Conference Audio July 23rd, 2018

July 19, 2018: UH Fertility Clinic – ANOTHER Woman’s Frozen Embryos Were Lost In Cleveland Cryotank Disaster. News Conference with Joe Peiffer and Lydia Floyd. 



Cleveland woman is told embryos were destroyed months after being assured they were safe

Hidden Motive and Part of Wave of New Announcements to Patients? Letter Reversing Previous March 2018 Reassurance About Embryos Comes at Same Time that University Hospital Seeks Gag Order to Muzzle Attorneys, Media.

CLEVELAND, OH – July 19, 2018 – Cleveland law firm Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane (PWCK), which is nationally recognized for its handling of major cases involving embryo loss and related cryogenic issues, held a news conference today to provide major new information about the University Hospitals (UH) handling of the 4,000-embryo loss at University Hospitals Fertility Center. The new information suggests that the situation at UH is not yet under control and it raises serious questions about UH’s motives in seeing a court-ordered gag order to limit statements from attorney to the news media.

PWCK produced for reporters a July 13 2018 letter from UH to a Cleveland woman who previously was reassured by UH in March 2018 that her embryos were not damaged in the UHFC debacle. In the letter, UH reverses itself and now admits the embryos were destroyed.   PWCK lawyers said that the concern here is that the UH gag order request was designed to cover up a “possible wave of letters” to similarly situated individuals. They noted that UH initially underestimated the scale of the embryo losses at 2,000 and then later doubled that to 4,000. For details on the lawsuit filed by PWCK, go to https://www.uhembryolawsuit.com/.